Friday, 30 June 2017


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Title: The Bad Guys Episode 3

Author/Illustrator: Aaron Blabey

Genre: Graphic novel

Recommendation/Rating: 5/5 because they are easy to read and they are funny.  I would recommend it for kids 6+.

Blurb: In this episode of The Bad Guys the bad guys are fighting with a ferocious guinea pig who want's revenge from the chicken farm rescue.


  1. Hi Cruz,
    Wow! Well done on reading and reviewing this entire series. I enjoyed reading your blurbs about the book. They give just enough information to make me want to go and read the books myself. Which book in the series was your favourite? What are you going to read next? Keep up the super reading! Mrs P

  2. Hello Cruz
    this is a great book I have read this book I like how they break in to the chicken place and they all go free. What was you favourite part in the book?

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  4. Hey Cruz!
    This Review explains what happens in this, and the books before, I really like when other kids do this because now, I WANT TO READ THE ENTIRE SERIES!
    I would just like to know what is your favorite part of this series?

  5. Kia Ora Cruz!
    I am Tristan from St. Patrick's School in Panmure. Your book review has a lot of detail but you could've also added a little summary on what it is about. However, everything else is perfect and I can't wait to see more of your book reviews!

  6. Kia ora Cruz
    It's lavinia here from Grey Main School
    i like your 40BC but you could do more stuff not just 40BC like what you learnt. Or maybe a different book keep the work going` bye :P


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