Friday, 7 April 2017

Top Team Games

On Tuesday we had Top Team come to our school and they set up the games and water activities .
My favourite game was the block stacking game. This is a picture of the game.


  1. Hi Cruz, I'm Raphaela from St Patricks school!
    I like the way you added a image, it gave me an idea of what was going on. Maybe next time you could go into a bit more depth on how you played the game, I would really like to hear back from you!!
    Also next time I think you should add some information on the water games, they sound cool
    Blog ya later
    from Raphela

    1. Hi it's Cruz thank you for your feed back it halps a lot

    2. Kia Ora Cruz.that day was a fun day for grey main. Your team was the west said worriers anyway your work is relay good and i like how you said your favourite game was the block stacking game because that was my one two. good work.

  2. Hi Cruz the top team looks like so much fun.
    from Mum.

  3. Hi Cruz
    It looks like you had fun at top team game. what was your favourite game in top team games? from Lushun.


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