Friday, 7 April 2017

Top Team Games

On Tuesday we had Top Team come to our school and they set up the games and water activities .
My favourite game was the block stacking game. This is a picture of the game.


  1. Hi Cruz, I'm Raphaela from St Patricks school!
    I like the way you added a image, it gave me an idea of what was going on. Maybe next time you could go into a bit more depth on how you played the game, I would really like to hear back from you!!
    Also next time I think you should add some information on the water games, they sound cool
    Blog ya later
    from Raphela

    1. Hi it's Cruz thank you for your feed back it halps a lot

    2. Kia Ora Cruz.that day was a fun day for grey main. Your team was the west said worriers anyway your work is relay good and i like how you said your favourite game was the block stacking game because that was my one two. good work.


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